Installation & Care

Extending your vinyl liner's life

Protect your pool during the winter and extend teh swimming season.

Water Chemistry

The maintenance of proper water balance is the most important factor to maximizing the life and appearance of the liner. Proper pH levels allow the chemicals to perform their function. Chlorine needs a certain pH level to kill bacteria and algae. Proper technique is important for water testing. See your Pool Professional for test kits and testing procedures. Be sure to read and follow the written instructions from the chemical manufacturer.

The following table shows ranges for the basic water chemistry parameters that work in most areas of the country.

Factor Range In-season Test Frequency Function
pH 7.2 – 7.6 Daily Allows other chemicals to operate properly
Free chlorine residual 1.0 – 1.5/PPM* Daily Kills Bacteria
Total alkalinity 60 – 125/PPM* Weekly Ability of pool to counteract change in pH levels
Cyanuric acid 30 – 75/PPM* Monthly Stabilizes water chemistry
Calcium hardness 175 – 250/PPM* Monthly To avoid corrosive conditions in pool systems

pH Levels

Not only do proper pH levels allow the other chemicals to do their work but it is important to note that low and high levels can cause damage to the liner. Under the right circumstances with pH at or below 7.0, the liner can actually grow and develop unsightly wrinkles. High pH greatly accelerates the aging process and shortens the life of the liner.