Protect your pool during the winter and extend teh swimming season.

Benefits of Winter Domes

A swimming pool is a substantial financial commitment, and most pool owners only get 1/3 of the possible use out of their investment. The pool sits idle most of the year when it could remain open and enjoyed with a Space Arena® dome enclosure – especially in the late fall and early spring! Plastimayd’s Space Arena® is a tough, spacious and affordable swimming pool enclosure that completely covers the swimming pool and as much of the deck area as desired giving you additional recreational or lounging area.

The Space Arena® is designed for residential use and is custom made in sizes up to 30 x 60 feet with your choice of color tops! The dome is made of specially formulated, durable ultra-violet resistant material and each unit is custom made to fit the architectural and functional needs of most backyards.


  • Specially formulated virgin vinyl with optional high strength polyester laminate.
  • Dome tops are made of an exclusive, non-drip formula fabric and are available in colors or clear.
  • Air deflector increases circulation.
  • All hardware made of corrosion-resistant, stainless steel.
  • Heavy duty replaceable, reversible zipper. Zipper pull can be placed out of reach of children for safety.
  • Choice of three anchoring systems.
  • Straight wall design increases usable deck space.
  • Shape and color possibilities custom designed to your particular requirements!